Wednesday, February 29, 2012

 Is in awe at how fast time flies... I have 5 weeks until I leave for training and my parents are here for two of them. I am starting to freak out just a little bit.

I have been training like crazy and have really bad shin splints right now, I was told to get new running shoes but have no idea which ones to get, sounds a bit of a pathetic dilemma, but when you are running miles everyday and your shins hurt so bad you may just cry... it makes it that much more important to find the right shoes. ARRRGH

I have one more week left at work, I am so relieved to be able to have some time off before I leave to get things in order.

Mum and Dad come for a visit on March 13th I am so excited. We have lots planned, including the Austin Rodeo, I am so excited we haven't been since we have lived here and I just bought some new boots....

Aren't they beautiful... I am in love! I was tempted to get red ones (Footloose anyone?? ) but decided the bright colours on these are more me!

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