Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here we go again.

This week marks the two year anniversary of us moving to Texas, funny how this whole week I will be packing up all of our belongings, ready for when B moves in August.

I leave next week for Oklahoma, followed a week later by B who finally got his orders today to go for training near Boston (I'm jealous Boston is way cooler than Oklahoma).

Anyway I am trying to make the apartment nice for our pet/apartment sitter who will stay here for the three months that B is away. Mean while trying to pack a huge chunk of our things away, so B doesn't have to (you should see the way he packs :s)

He has been getting much more affectionate lately, I think it's finally hit him that we will be away from each other for the next 6 months, maybe more. Some time's I think I must be crazy to chose a path that leads me away from him for a period of time, but then I tell my self that crazy would be waking up at 50 and realising I never did anything for myself.

Anyway many a crazy, hectic thoughts are going through my mind right now. It doesn't help that I am rushing around trying to get everything done before the weekend.

I need to sleep now, my packing logic is absent at this time of the night so I am doing no good!