Friday, June 17, 2011

This is Peterson

He is the sweetest 11 year old boy I have ever met. I really can't explain why I am so in love with this child. He was the happiest little man and such a gentleman, pulling out my chair for me and holding back tree branches so they didn't hit me in my face.

Anyway Brandon half expected me to return home from my trip wanting to adopt a little Haitian baby - What he didn't expect was me coming home and saying "We need to find a way to adopt this boy, he's our son" Intense I know and after much research and many hours spent on the computer, I figured that it was impossible, not just because of the money it takes to adopt but because he's only 11 years younger than me which first aggravated me that something so silly would stop me from giving this boy a home, but then realized how it would be a little crazy for me to have an 11 year old boy, that's nearly a teenager. Anyway I am still trying to figure out a way to make this boys life better, My worry is that when he turns 16 and is too old for the orphanage, where will he go?.

So whilst I was googling the orphanage where Peterson lives, I came across this... whilst its main focus is on the Samaritan's purse it talks about the orphanage and how it got started, and you HAVE to watch the video. It broke my heart, all I kept saying to Brandon through tears was "That's the one... That's our son" (I was pretty emotional after leaving there and arriving back into one of the richest countries in the world!)

What does sacrifice look like?

There are people who give, and there are others who give beyond themselves until there is nothing left. Then they start all over again.

Esaie is one of these people.
So please take a look at the site and read more about Esaie and the hero that he is!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 cords

I mentioned the other day in my post about Haiti, that we came across a little business called "3 cords",  It's an amazing little business run by a group of Haitian women, who are amputee victims, for many of these women this is the only source of income for their family. You need to read more about it over on there blog Here are a few pictures of their set-up at the guest house at Mission of Hope (

Monday, June 13, 2011

The week that changed my life....

So I still don't know what to write about my time spent in Haiti, and I'm hoping I do one day soon, because it needs to be shared. So here are some pictures.


Plenty happened that week we did so much painting I thought my arms would fall off, we got to cuddle and play with so many precious children I didn't think I'd be able to leave. We actually witnessed a protest gone bad which turned into more of a riot, when I say witnessed it was more like we where stuck on a hill in the middle of it not able to leave without armed escorts, I was a little scared I had never heard a gunshot before (apart from at the range) so it was intense but they were just shooting in the air to scare people (that's what i was told). Haiti is in bad shape, not just because of the devastating earthquake, but the corrupt government, voodoo, and lack of law enforcement. I feel such a connection to this country now and can't wait to go back.

I'm writing a post in a few days about a group of amazing ladies I came across,and one about the orphanage we visited but in the mean time feel free to check out .