Our Wedding

We got married 25th September 2010, in St Augustine, Florida at a beautiful house across from the beach.

It was a small wedding of 40 ish. Family & Friends flew in from all over the world, mainly the U.S.A and England but we also had guests who came from Canada, Mexico & Germany to be with us on our big day.

We started off getting ready at 3pm.

Then the boys took some photos on the beach

Us girls were also supposed to take some cute pictures before hand, but as usual we were running REALLY late, so that didn't happen which is kinda sad but hey ho.

Then came "The Reveal"

and then the bridal party came to join us for some group shots.

This was the only photo I got of my Bridesmaids and I and we are looking kinda weird... Boo!

Then Brandon & I had some alone time before the ceremony. We got some pretty great pictures.

and then came Holy Matrimony

My favourite photo of my Dad & I (I just wish that catering truck wasn't acting as backdrop)

When everyone was looking at me, all of my attention was on him. How lucky am I?

Brandon getting a little emotional whilst reading his vows.

My baby sister was blubbering pretty much all day.

I now pronounce you Husband & Wife

and then came some pro pics of us with our fabulous families.

My sister must have said something pretty outrageous by the amused look on my face and the disgust on my mums.

My wonderful family.

Brandon & I with his family.

The Reception

We danced to David Gray's-The One I Love

Some of my best friends

Then we ate some really good food

... and then came speeches

My Dad's speech was the best speech I've ever heard in my life, he's just so comical.

 My MOH's speech was pretty fantastic too, she read my favourite poem I carry your heart (E.E.Cummings) and she also read a letter that was sent by my friend Sofie who couldn't make the trip from Sweden.

Which got some tears...

and then came my crazy uncle Dharma's unexpected speech, well sing-song

and then he stripped down to his speedos

and jumped in the pool

We love you Uncle Dharma

After all the excitement we decided to cut the cake.

a quick change of dress and the bouquet & garter toss came next

at first I didn't want to do the awkward thing but because it was our good friends Laura & Tom (who have been dating for 2 1/2 years it wasn't so awkward.

and then we got our dance on.

Brandon and his sister.

Woah! thats boys got moves

some very sly moves.

and then we all ended up in the pool!

and they all lived happily ever after.