Sunday, July 24, 2011

"A" is for Austin

So yesterday we started our first letter in our alphabet adventure challenge. We decided to start with something free and easy, which was Austin. We haven't explored too much of downtown yet so we thought it would be a good idea (especially since we have decided to move next summer and won't be in Texas as long as we originally thought).
  So we started off by heading to the capitol building to explore, it was pretty cool to go inside and look and the building was beautiful.

 After lunch we decided to hang out by the lake and find some shade. It wasn't the best day to be walking around in the sun (100f/38c) Now thats hot!

I took in the beauty of the Frost Bank building like I do everytime I see it.

We then headed to SoCo which is my favourite part of downtown Austin, It's just so diverse. We decided to go find some cowboy boots. There are some amazing pairs, It was like art... but on cowboy boots.

This pair where a crazy $2400

We then went to get some dinner at Home Slice Pizza which was AHHHHmazing! and I lost my canoli virginity... my life will never be the same!

I was tempted to get a cupcake for dessert but I was STUFFED! Next time maybe.

and that was 'A'... I can't wait for 'B'.

*oh and if you didn't notice I chopped all of my hair off, It was getting in my way*

Monday, July 18, 2011


So I feel so stuck in a rut lately, B and I never do anything exciting anymore so I am taking a challenge, an idea I got from a book I read. We will have a different "Adventure" based on the letters of the alphabets. I wanted to do one each weekend, but I don'r really see that happening.
Anyway I am really excited to start this and hopefully we will get it all done before we leave Austin next summer, or hopefully before B goes away for his military school beginning of next year.

A x