Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little things that made my weekend!

Friday was my last day at work! I haven't worked there that long and don't know my co-workers very well, but they planned me a surprise breakfast, with coffee and donuts... and got me some beautiful flowers. I am so glad to have some free time before I leave, but I will miss them all.

Yesterday I got to catch up with a good friend of mine Lindsey. She's also about to embark on an adventure back to Haiti. Since we went last April, she has been back twice and this time she'll go for a month, basically to decide if that's were she will stay for the next year. How exciting. She is a dental hygienist by trade, so her idea is to set up a permanent dental clinic on the mission. I am so inspired by her enthusiasm and bravery.

It was good to just catch up one last time before she leaves, we went a did a little yoga, went and ate lunch at whole food- which is my new favourite thing to do and caught up on some errands together.

Good luck Lindsey, I will miss you!

Yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the day B asked me to marry him. Time has gone so fast!

All in all I had a good weekend, despite the awful weather we have in Austin, thunderstorms and rain for four days straight, but I am so excited to see my parents next week.

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